4 months smoke free!

Male patient aged 48 has attended the course on several occasions over the past 2 years. Smoker of 40 cigarettes per day, for over 30 years.

He has been successful with giving up many times, but never for more than 1 or 2 months.

He has had several attempts with using NRT, but found that Champix was always easier for him because he would never be consistent with using NRT and would often forget to take the oral products .

His main triggers for smoking would be stress, but he often smokes out of habit and boredom. This last attempt he was a lot more focused and wanted to make this attempt his last. From the start of the course he was able to comprehend the importance of behavioural change, and alongside using Champix we worked in great depth with the psychological aspect, delving into the mindset of transitioning from the smoker persona to a non-smoker. The realisation of the work that was required from him became apparent, enabling him to commit to the journey ahead.

By the 11th day he set his quit date, which was so much earlier than he had ever done in previous attempts. From there onwards he was consistent and never faltered. He believed that although the medication supported him, he felt that he was really benefiting from the behavioural change. His determination and will was stronger than ever throughout the course.

During week 4, he decided to stop taking Champix as he felt that he did not feel the need for the medication. It was at this point that I advised him not to as I explained that Champix was a medication that was designed for the duration of 12 weeks for a reason. With much thought he decided that he would continue, as he did not want to jeopardise the possibility of failing his quit attempt. This patient has had his 4 week follow up call in recent weeks and he was pleased to report he was almost 4 months smoke free!  

I have learned the importance of never smoking again. That it is never too late to give up!. The course works really well I had a lot of support and succeeded.
Alan - 10/10/2018
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