All the money saved paid for her teeth whitening!

French teacher aged 47, joined the course in March 2021. Her main objective was to give up smoking because of her teeth. She smoked 30 cigarettes per day and was very keen to give up as she was displeased with her discoloured teeth and plus she recently lost 3 of them.

She was not a smoker who smoked regularly through the day, she was a binge smoker in the evenings when she came home from school. She found that it was only at this time that she would feel the need to smoke, especially when she would mark school papers. 

In her mind she could go through the whole day not thinking about cigarettes, but could not seem to break the habit in the evenings.

Previously she had tried NRT, but was not hugely successful for any great length of time. We discussed all products, but she was keen to try Champix. It was a real struggle for her up until week 3, when she finally quit. What she struggled with most was the habit rather than the physical craving. Each week we came up with different strategies in order to break the routine in the evenings. We talked about introducing different ways of doing things, implementing new routines. It became clear within a few weeks that she had grasped the purpose of doing this exercise. She was advised that although Champix was a great aid, that she needed to work hard herself in order reach her goal.

During the course we talked about ways in which we could work towards improving her teeth and her confidence with them. I encouraged a saving plan, which meant that she was able to save £19 per day (£133 per week ) so within the timeframe of the course she was stunned that she had banked a whopping £1100!!! It shocked her that she was able to save all that money and it was an incentive throughout. All the money saved, enabled her to pay privately to have her teeth whitened and she was thrilled.

Champix worked extremely well for this patient and she only suffered slightly from nausea and lethargy. In her opinion, Champix has been the miracle pill that has been a great platform to support her quit attempt and she ended the course completely triumphant .

This has been one of the best times I’ve had, to think that giving up smoking is hard. I found it very easy a lot of it was down to the encouragement from the staff and the environment they create. The best thing I’ve done in years.
Terry - 07/02/2019
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