Case Study

One of our patients is a Mother of four children, aged 39. She started the course in May 2020.

At the height of COVID-19, this was one of the many reasons why she wanted to give up smoking. Her other reasons were because of the fear of her children finding out that she was a smoker, health, and approaching her 40th birthday.

Having to home school four children during COVID became increasingly challenging, along with having to work from home herself. She was concerned that she would no longer be able to hide the fact that she smoked from her children and that worried her.

Her stress levels started to become out of control, as being at home meant she had to be on supply and demand for meals and help with schooling. This left her feeling like an unappreciated teaching assistant and a bad mother who was unable to cope with the high demands of parenting and being an employee.

The only available time in this period to smoke was when all the children went to bed. This was difficult and her mood swings hit the roof as withdrawal set in. At this point she said she really felt like an addict and had to quit. Desperate to smoke when she had the opportunity made her feel anxious about her future, and she wanted to stop feeling so in need of a cigarette.  

The last quit attempt she made was about 10 years ago, as she hadn’t felt the need to do so until now.  In our sessions, we discussed both NRT and Champix. She opted for Champix as she did not want to have to explain to the family why she was wearing a patch or taking oral products regularly. She felt that Champix would give her the option for discretion.

This patient stopped smoking on day 11 of using Champix and she was absolutely thrilled.
She continued the course of medication for the recommended duration of 12 weeks, which was a success.  What she did notice quite early in the first couple of weeks, was that she felt a lot calmer and did not feel as anxious.

We discussed the fact that smoking can cause a low mood/feeling of depression and anxiety, therefore when one gives up, they start to feel a lot more consistent in their mood.

The patient completed the course, is 100 percent smoke-free and she is elated. She commended the service for not only the medication, but for the behavioural support given. She claimed this was pivotal to the understanding of her addiction.

If you would like to quit smoking and are finding it hard during COVID, don’t give up. Contact us today for support, call: 0333 005 0095

This is the third time I've tried to give up smoking, and as I draw towards the end of this one, I feel confident that this will be the one that does it! Probably the most important aspect has been the relationship of trust and encouragement that has been fostered by my Stop Smoking Practitioner. The physiological aspect of the addiction should not be underestimated. I have found Nicotine patches to be an extremely effective substitute for tobacco. I recommend the Waltham Forest Stop Smoking service.
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