Case Study

Male patient aged 47, signed up to our stop smoking service in July 2020.

The patient is the only son to his Mother of whom he currently lives with and she is a smoker also.

He has had a previous history of smoking cannabis, but gave it up two years ago, due to mental health issues and financial problems.

In the past he has suffered from chronic depression, but in recent months he has slowly come off anti-depressants.

He started to feel more like himself, feeling more positive which lead him to want to make a quit attempt. Primarily, he was worried about his declining health issues, and secondly, he had thoughts of making financial improvements in his life.

Previously the patient smoked up to 30 roll ups per day.  In the first 3 – 4 weeks, the patient struggled to be 100 percent abstinent. He found that it was proving to be difficult as his mother constantly had tobacco around the home. However, there was a breakthrough shortly after, as he became increasingly more focused.

We talked about the behavioural side of his addictions and he was later then able to identify his triggers. He then gained the confidence to ask his mother to only smoke outside of the home and to keep her tobacco out of sight. His mother in later weeks became more supportive and even bought herself a vape to embark on her own quit attempt.

The patient was smoke free by week 5 but had a lapse and smoked 2 rollups. He claimed that it was more out of curiosity than need that led him to smoke. In his mind it affirmed that he really wanted to give up smoking once and for all. Thereafter this, he manged to stay abstinent consistently for 7 weeks until the end of the course.

He completed the course after 12 weeks, expressing “this is one of my greatest achievements to date”!

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This is the third time I've tried to give up smoking, and as I draw towards the end of this one, I feel confident that this will be the one that does it! Probably the most important aspect has been the relationship of trust and encouragement that has been fostered by my Stop Smoking Practitioner. The physiological aspect of the addiction should not be underestimated. I have found Nicotine patches to be an extremely effective substitute for tobacco. I recommend the Waltham Forest Stop Smoking service.
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