Case Study

Male patient aged 60 started the 12 week course with Everyone Health in January 2020. In the past he had made several attempts to give up smoking by himself, but unfortunately had no success. He decided to approach our service as he thought that it would be best to seek professional advice, in the hope that he would achieve his goal.

This patient was formerly a heavy smoker and had a history of smoking for over 45 years. He opted for the Champix medication and immediately took well to the medication. He was thrilled at how quickly he felt less of a desire to smoke, followed on by setting a quit date within a matter of days.

The patient thrived on attending the clinic each week and seeing the results of his carbon monoxide levels being lowered week after week. He provided very positive feedback and praised the service for the continuous support both with medication and with the behaviour change techniques given each week. He found this most useful, as the behaviour change techniques support the goal of becoming smoke free long term.

I strongly advocate giving up smoking, as not only has it improved my health significantly, but I feel energised, positive, more fit, financially better off, but most of all happy and proud of my achievement. 

At the end of the course the patient highly commended the service at Everyone Health, expressing “I could not have achieved my goal without this service”.

He described the Advisor that he saw for 12 weeks as “a beacon of light at the end of a very dark tunnel”.

This has been one of the best times I’ve had, to think that giving up smoking is hard. I found it very easy a lot of it was down to the encouragement from the staff and the environment they create. The best thing I’ve done in years.
Terry - 07/02/2019
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