Stoptober 2020

Stoptober is back and there’s never been a better time to quit smoking. As we all know, smoking has an adverse effect on your breathing, circulation, heart and lung health, appearance and energy levels – not to mention your bank balance. The average smoker spends £4,000 a year on their habit!  Since the beginning of

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Case Study

Male patient aged 47, signed up to our stop smoking service in July 2020. The patient is the only son to his Mother of whom he currently lives with and she is a smoker also. He has had a previous history of smoking cannabis, but gave it up two years ago, due to mental health

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Case Study

One of our patients is a Mother of four children, aged 39. She started the course in May 2020. At the height of COVID-19, this was one of the many reasons why she wanted to give up smoking. Her other reasons were because of the fear of her children finding out that she was a

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Murshed’s Story

Name: Murshed Chowdury  Why they decided to give-up smoking? Health reasons Past attempts: 1st attempt How long they have been smoke free? October 2019 (10months )           Benefits they have seen so far?  I feel more energetic now that I am smoke-free, I can do more exercise and I feel less breathless. My advisors were fantastic,

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Case Study

Why they decided to give-up smoking? Health reasons and her mental health Past attempts: Tried previously with patches from boots by herself What made them contact the service? She wanted to quit and could not to do it by herself Medication used: Patches and inhalator How long they have been smoke free? 4 -5 weeks

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Case Study

Male patient aged 60 started the 12 week course with Everyone Health in January 2020. In the past he had made several attempts to give up smoking by himself, but unfortunately had no success. He decided to approach our service as he thought that it would be best to seek professional advice, in the hope

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Tina’s Story

As a pregnant smoker, Tina really wanted to quit smoking to ensure she had a healthier pregnancy. After smoking for a few years, this was Tina’s first attempt to quit smoking for good. Living in Waltham Forest, Tina signed up to our Stop Smoking Service.On her first appointment Tina’s dedicated Stop Smoking Practitioner, went through

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Smokers with Covid-19 are 14 times More Likely to Develop Severe Disease

Gov UK recently released a study from China that shows the impact of Covid-19 on smokers and the people around them who are exposed to the second-hand smoke.  “The evidence clearly shows COVID-19 virus attacks the respiratory system, which explains why smokers are at greater risk”; the airways and lungs are damaged by smoking and secondhand

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Covid-19 and Smoking

Am I at greater risk from Covid-19 if I smoke and how? Yes, Coronavirus attacks the lungs and respiratory system. If you smoke, you are more vulnerable to serious infection with coronavirus because the lungs are already weakened. We have small brush like hairs in the airways called Cilia which move mucous, inhaled debris and

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Being in hospital has made me more self-aware and health conscious; it has got me thinking more about my health and making better long term choices, so I have given up smoking.
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