Smoke free for over 100 days!

Male Patient aged 34, started the course October 2019. He has made previous attempts to stop smoking, but has never got past 100 days. In the past he has tried various NRT products, but he feels they do not work for him. He suffers from depression and is on antidepressant medication, of which he has been on for many years. 

He is very much into fitness, healthy eating and general wellbeing.   

He approached the service, as his main objective was to get help with the psychological side of things and to change his mindset long term. With each quit attempt he believes that he gains a clearer understanding of his addictions.

He admits that he has an addictive personality, hence why he had issues in the past with other addictions.

He has great discipline in lots of areas of his life, including his work and fitness, but struggles with his emotions which lead him to smoke.

The two main issues that this patient has mentioned he needs to work on are smoking after intercourse and using smoking as a coping mechanism when he is stressed.

He has been very consistent with attending his sessions and shows great commitment. He believes that the behavioural support has been very beneficial to him and he appreciates all the support he has received from our service.

Support and motivation. Quit smoking completely within 12 weeks
Kevan - 04/03/2019
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