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"After quitting, your sense of taste and smell begin to improve. Your breath, hair and clothes will smell fresher." 

Complete the assessment – Once you have completed the online assessment we will contact you to arrange an appointment at a place and a time that suits you

Your first appointment – You will meet your specialist trained practitioner who will provide you with free expert advice and guidance during the first few weeks of stopping. During this session you will discuss stop smoking medicines and decide on a quit date. The appointment will last roughly 30 minutes in duration.

Your plan to quit – Your practitioner will  work with you to set your quit date (the day you become smoke free for good) and offer you advice and information on how to manage your cravings and withdrawal symptoms. They will help you address any particular problems you may be facing and help you come up with coping mechanisms for any difficult situations you may find yourself in.

Your stop smoking medication – The two main stop smoking medicines are Champix and Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT). We will provide you or facilitate a prescription for your chosen medication. We know that by taking the medication your cigarette cravings and withdrawal symptoms will be reduced.

Becoming Smokefree – We will support you with weekly appointments for at least 4 weeks past your quit date; which will last roughly 15 minutes in duration. After this your appointments will reduce to fortnightly appointments and support will continue up to 12 weeks after your quit date.

'’This is the third time I've tried to give up smoking, and as I draw towards the end of this one, I feel confident that this will be the one that does it!

Probably the most important aspect has been the relationship of trust and encouragement that has been fostered by my Stop Smoking Practitioner. The physiological aspect of the addiction should not be underestimated.

I have found Nicotine patches to be an extremely effective substitute for tobacco.  

I recommend the Waltham Forest Stop Smoking service.”

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