This pregnancy was a ‘miracle pregnancy’ in her eyes – so she was desperate to quit

Female patient aged 40 years old smoker of 20 cigarettes per day- 12 weeks pregnant and has previously used NRT.

She came to the service as she was finding it very hard to quit on her own, although she had bought NRT to support her quit attempt.

She was told many years ago that she would never be able to conceive another child after her 1st born daughter 20 years ago, as she had numerous medical complications.

This pregnancy was a ‘miracle pregnancy’ in her eyes – so she was desperate to quit. The even more shocking revelation that surprised her family, was that the baby’s due date was going to be 20 years and 1 day after her 1st daughter’s birthday. 

When she joined the programme here at Everyone Health, she was desperate to give up. She said that she found it near enough impossible to give up and was at a loss as to what to do. What upset her most was that she felt so much shame and hid her habit from all her family apart from her partner, in fear they would not understand her compelling addiction.

What became apparent in the beginning of her sessions was that she was not using the right strength of NRT patches. I explained that pregnant women metabolise nicotine much faster than a nonpregnant smoker, so therefore she needed to maximise her intake. I explained this was the reason why she was finding it extremely difficult to quit. She was offered step 1 patches alongside an inhalator. 

Within a matter of a week when I spoke to her she was totally elated. She was in shock that she had been 3 days, 100% smoke free! She could not believe how much easier it was with dual therapy using the highest strength of products.   

Each week we worked through the psychological aspect of giving up smoking and also the effects of how smoking could affect her unborn child, both during and post pregnancy. 

In order to support her quit attempt, I encouraged her to find out if her partner wanted to also join our programme. Statistics show that if a pregnant woman’s partner can also quit smoking this will give her an even better chance of having a successful quit attempt. He did agree in the end and although he was not as successful, she felt very supported. 

“I’m eternally grateful for the support given. I had no idea that there was this kind of support for pregnant women out there.”

I have learned the importance of never smoking again. That it is never too late to give up!. The course works really well I had a lot of support and succeeded.
Alan - 10/10/2018
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