Tina’s Story

As a pregnant smoker, Tina really wanted to quit smoking to ensure she had a healthier pregnancy. After smoking for a few years, this was Tina’s first attempt to quit smoking for good.

Living in Waltham Forest, Tina signed up to our Stop Smoking Service.
On her first appointment Tina’s dedicated Stop Smoking Practitioner, went through all the different types of nicotine replacement therapy that she could have.  The 15mg nicotine patches were what suited Tina best, we supplied the nicotine patches free of charge for 12 weeks.

Tina says:

“My adviser made me feel very comfortable in my weekly one to one sessions, I found it was a struggle dealing with my cravings within the first week. After speaking with my adviser I felt motivated to quit smoking. The behavioural support was invaluable in helping me deal with triggers and tips on how to deal with my cravings. I would definitely recommend the service to anyone in Waltham Forest looking to quit smoking. A Big Thank you”.

Tina has now been Smoke Free for 8 weeks and has seen her breathing improve, she has more energy, and no reported complications in her pregnancy so far

See our current Stop Smoking clinic times below.
All clinics are currently via telephone, due to covid-19.

Monday: 1pm-7pm

Tuesday: 9am-5pm

Wednesday: 9am-5pm

Thursday: 9am-5pm

Friday: 9am-5pm 

Monday: 11am-4pm

Wednesday: 10am-1pm

Thursday: 4pm-7pm

Friday: 10am-1pm / 2pm-5pm

If you live in Waltham Forest and wish to stop smoking for good, call us today on: 0333 005 0095

I have learned the importance of never smoking again. That it is never too late to give up!. The course works really well I had a lot of support and succeeded.
Alan - 10/10/2018
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