‘Your mind has to be ready and then you will succeed’

Lorraine from Chingford and she is 57 years of age. 

She was referred to the clinic by her GP, as she vocalised her desire to give up smoking. 

When she embarked upon the course in January 2021, she was very keen to start and seemed very determined. When asked her main reason for wanting to quit, she said it was because she suffered from COPD, but her main objective was to live longer for her much loved Grandchildren. We talked about what the Clinic could offer her in terms of support and she decided upon using NRT.

From the offset she was consistent with being smoke free each week and she maintained a positive and driven attitude. Each week we talked about the perception of smoking in her life and how she had come to being so dependant over the years, which led to her poor health. We covered all areas of the emotions that were attached with smoking, each week something new would unfold which brought her to the realisation of what her major triggers were. Once she was able to identify the triggers, together we worked on strategies to best avoid them. Simple yet effective techniques, enabled her to tackle day to day obstacles, and she was pleased by how easy it became to adopt new ways of doing things.

She got on very well with the products, particularly well with the lozenges. Towards the end of the course she was concerned that she felt that she might have been dependant on the lozenges and voiced her concerns. We talked about weening off the lozenges, of which she was happy to do and she began to replace the mints with Xtra strong mints. Although she had concerns, I assured her that NRT was completely safe to take up until a year if felt necessary, but that 12 weeks was more than sufficient.

What Lorraine has to say about the service:

“In order to be successful on this course, your mind has to be ready and then you will succeed. I found the sessions so useful, not only for the products but also for the support given.

For me it was important to talk, especially to some one that you didn’t know. I felt that I built up trust and a friendship – they took care of me. Main thing is that you never felt alone with the weekly sessions and I looked forward to them each week. The thing is that I have never had any real money all my life, but when I stopped smoking I saved £500 in 12 weeks. I was so pleased that I bought a gold bracelet with trinkets and gifts for life, for my grandchildren from their Grandma to remember me by. I’m so pleased I have achieved this, I’m not turning back.”

Support and motivation. Quit smoking completely within 12 weeks
Kevan - 04/03/2019
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